Tip #3: Make sure the polling place interior is accessible
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Once a voter has entered the polling place wherehe will sign in, vote, and submit his ballot, the interior must be accessibleto those who are blind, using wheelchairs or other mobility aids, and those whohave trouble sitting or standing.

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Make sure the interior of the polling place is fully accessible
  • Use accessibility checklists.
  • Test wheelchair access using actual wheelchairusers whenever possible. Make sure both large power chairs and scooters areaccommodated, as well as manual wheelchairs (self-propelled or pushed).
  • Make sure that the voting equipment ispositioned so that it can be accessed sitting or standing. Remember that somewheelchair users do not sit upright but may be tilted back.
  • Provide seating option for people not requiringspecialty equipment but are uncomfortable standing for extended periods. Thisis needed in waiting area, sign-in area, and voting booths.
  • Make sure there is good lighting throughout,preferably without flicker.
  • Do what you can to keep sound levels down.
  • Make sure routes through the polling place areclearly marked. Do not rely just on color coding.
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Useful References

You can find all of these references on our website under “Tips for 2012”:

http://www.accessiblevoting.org/library/tips for 2012#resources

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