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How to search the library
  1. In the list below, choose the role in the voting process that interests you by clicking on the icon next to it. Or, you can see  everything: just click “I want to see everything” at the bottom of the icon list on the leftside.

  2. On the next page, choose the format you are interested in: documents, videos, or webpages (links). Choose as many formats as you like by clicking on the icons to the left of each format. If you want to see all formats, just click on all the icons, or none of them.

  3. Choose the topic or format that you are most interest in by clicking on it. At the bottom of the icon section, you will see that the topic is listed in bold print after "Searching For:"

  4. If you want to narrow your search further, you can click another icon. Now both topics will be listed after "Searching For".

  5. You can also search by key word or key words.You don’t have to use key words if you don’t want to.
  6. You can keep narrowing the list by adding topics or keywords, but you can only add them one at a time.

  7. Every time you add a topic or keyword, you have to wait a few moments for the computer to show your change.
  8. After you choose the topics and key words, you can scroll down to see the library items that fit your search. There will be a short summary of each item. If you want to see the item, click on the title link at the top of the description.

  9. If you want to widen your search or change the focus of your search, click on the Clear All button at the bottom of the left column of icons.Then you can start over again.

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