Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley Campus
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Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley Campus

Dr. Ted Selker’s research team at Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley Campus, will further their disability- focused work on ballot alternatives and support, develop training tools to support voting administrators in setting up and preparing voting places for people with disabilities, and assist other projects within RAAV. They developed the Low Error Voting Interface (LEVI), which includes memory aids, redundancy, and feedback to greatly reduce errors in voting. Pilot experiments demonstrated this interface reducing errors by 30% by registered voters on real ballots.

Audio ballots give access to many voters who could not otherwise vote independently. Dr. Selker’s work on using a variety of audio techniques to reduce audio ballot voting time and increase discriminability has shown great promise. His abbrevicon approach to separating control information from ballot content information will be tested in this project. The use of other audio techniques such as orienting background noise, 3D positioning and vocalization discrimination will be demonstrated as well. These techniques will be integrated into the Prime III voting system.

With respect to reading disabilities and low vision, Dr. Selker’s research team has designed many magnifiers to assist voters, including magnifiers combined with straight edges to help organize visual information. These techniques will be further tested within the RAAV project.

Finally, Dr. Selker’s work in the Voting Technology Project has involved discussing polling place operation throughout the country and getting firsthand experience watching hundreds of polling places in dozens of municipalities. The team will create computerized spatial evaluation demonstration software to help voting officials anticipate and plan around physical and sensory difficulties that will affect voters and especially voters with disabilities.

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